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building a fort in the woods
connecting with the horses energy
time in the forest
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helping with the chores
good old fashion fun on the farm
Just breath

Girls Summer Camp July  5th - 11th 2020

Farm Immersion and Horsemanship educational experience for youth.

This unique and small overnight camp is for girls  aged 7-14.

A maximum of  8  participants allows us to be flexible to your child’s special requirements and personality.


Our Horsemanship program is 'way more than riding'. The skills developed around the horses, support self development and empowerment. The majority of the time will be spent with the horses, learning communication through body language and energy.  Your child will learn how to 'read the horse' and develop a relationship that will keep them safe. With this knowledge they will be encouraged to apply it to ground and riding skills through some well planned activities. The Horsemanship program will also include solution based games to encourage relationship-building, leadership skills, relaxation and mindfulness.We encourage students to develop creativity and skills to face life's challenges. As well as horsemanship your child will be helping to take care of and interact with our friendly farm animals, go on forest walks, crafts, prepare food from the organic garden and explore nature before finishing the day around the campfire. 


The camp is situated on our 140 acre hobby farm with accommodation on site. Our comfortable accommodation offers private rooms with 1 to 3 beds, indoor bathroom and shower. We have a capacity for a maximum of  8 children at any time.


Healthy snacks, drinks and 3 meals a day will be provided for your child. We offer a flexible menu, using mainly homegrown and local organic ingredients. The meals will be prepared together with guidance from our knowledgeable staff.  


 Your child will be sleeping on comfortable beds, eating good quality fresh food and supervised by qualified adult staff. We have just one week of camp so booking early is recommended!

 Your investment in your Child is $1090 per week/ session plus HST.

A deposit of $400 will secure your spot.


2020 Camp dates      (These dates fill up quickly so booking early is recommended)

July 5-11  for girls ages  7-14 years 

Our Staff


I have extensive experience working with children in school settings and the home environment. I am a strong believer that children learn through involvement, hands on education and exploration; for me the farm is the perfect setting for quintessential learning experiences.

Living with horses on a farm all my life, my approach to animals is natural, and one of understanding and communication, rather than intimidation, force and mechanics. By combining my experience with children and animals I have discovered how to support children in playing with the horses to build their interactive and body language skills.


Torn between my love of nature and the outdoors or working with children. I became a college certified Forestry Technician, and worked in the beautiful forests of Renfrew County, maintaining their health and ensuring their continuous growth. I then worked with several children on the Autism Spectrum Scale, in daycare's and for a satellite Early Years Center. After working for a Canadian Prenatal Nutritional Program, I discovered a new love for creating healthy and delicious meals including vegan, gluten free and vegetarian.

I am also an avid photographer and take my camera with me everywhere, capturing the natural beauty around me. My love for the outdoors is still as strong as ever and I seek every opportunity to be in it, from hiking, fishing, swimming or simply relaxing in the wilderness and taking it all in.


Loosing my dad to suicide at a young age I found much comfort and guidance  from animals throughout my childhood.  Later, in my 40's  I became interested in Energy work and now I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Access Consciousness Bars & Body Facilitator.  Bringing kids, animals and energy work together is very close to my heart, as it supports children to be in the present moment, gives them a higher awareness and tools to guide them through their lives and difficult situations.

Magical Horses Getaway
Come play with our horses.

You don't have to own a horse to participate in this Getaway. This non riding experience is filled with the secrets of communicating with horses using energy and body language.

No previous experience required. 

Magical Horses Getaway
The Art of Being with Horses

This getaway will be filled with the secrets of communicating with horses using energy and body language.

This is a non riding program and no previous experience is necessary. 

Each session will be an opportunity of learning & exploring .

Your investment: $50 CAD per person per session.


Accommodation on site:

* Not included in your investment.

Each cottage has a bathroom with shower, washer and dryer. A full kitchen for you to prepare food / snacks and a living area. You will have your own bedroom with sheets and towels supplied. All other amenities will be shared with other retreat guests. 

*Please bring your own group of up to 4 people for our Magical Horses Getaway as you will be sharing a cottage. 



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