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...and with a flash of orange September was gone!

I thought September had gone fast, until I sat down to write this blog and noticed, that August had slipped by, without even a second thought.

Augusts honorable mention... just so there's no hard feelings.

There was a flurry of farm guests all throughout August, the horses worked hard giving the children pony rides each morning and the chickens did their part in providing a few eggs; the collection of which is always

a highlight for the youngsters. The vegetable garden provided us all with multiple delicious meals... even through the weeds! Oh the weeds, the weeds were a continual baine in the side of Sue and her workaways, a never ending cycle of pulling and digging. Bodo finished up the last of the hay in time for the nights to start cooling off and morning dews arrival.


The frosty mornings and warm sunny days of September ease us into a new season as we bid farewell to summer. Brilliant oranges, reds and yellows paint the hills surrounding the farm and our weekday visitors bring with them their horses instead of children. Sues days are spent guiding the riders through the beautiful surroundings of the area, and when not in the saddle preserving the bounties of the land, training horses and the usual everyday farm chores.

One of our fall families brought their drone along for a weekend stay, and we are so happy they did! Now we need to build a viewing tower so we can see the lake more often.

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