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The smell of Peonies and Summer Rain

Oh June <3 !! You're the perfect mix of May and July ;)

A little higher temps on the thermometer.

Warmer waters.

A few less bugs.

and just the odd day of intense get us acclimatized.

The farm has been a buzz of activity in perpetration for the busy season, with haying, summer camp, and the school holidays fast approaching, there hasn't been much time to stop and smell the peonies. Well at least not for Sue and Bodo. Our visits are still very much for playing and exploring. We were bombarded by rain one evening in a summer storm; which if you saw the facebook post will know, the horses field became a river. The following day was a scorcher, no humidity, but the sun was intense and the wind was absent giving us no relieving breeze. I had contemplated going to the beach down at Lake Clear, but felt I should probably take our dog Jager for a little romp in the fields and bush trails at the farm, seeing as the previous couple of days had been pretty laid back for him. Needless to say, our chocolate lab didn't make it much further than the culverts, where to his delight the "river" was still flowing. It didn't take long for the children to follow him in, enjoying the cool water.... the rule of thumb for spare clothes with my two is, if you think you have enough...throw some more in the bag!! the same storm carved a trench into the sand from the arena roof run off, which is still a favorite place for them to hang out, especially when Sue is training horses, or trimming hooves.

We do try and help out where we can, for example...picking caterpillars from the black currant bush, although I feel as if my little helpers picked more unripe berries than caterpillars, or helping Granny weed the flower beds, as a result they think they can walk through all the flowers beds now, it's a full time job keeping them out!! So hopefully there will still be some beautiful blooms left to enjoy this summer.

There's still a few weeks remaining for you and your family, see you at the swings!!

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