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Back to the Grind.

Bloodroot found through out the woods in early spring.

Well it's back to reality for me at the moment, catching up with all that I neglected while my parents were gone, and that first week they were back... I couldn't just go cold turkey ;) On top of being absent from my homely duties, spring sprang. My gardens are looking lovely and weed free... so my house has yet to see much TLC, I'm just waiting for the rain :)

The first day my parents returned, we showed up at the farm to do morning chores, as we had been for the previous 3 weeks. A couple days prior to their return I had told 'M' that Granny and Gramps would be back in 2 more sleeps... while trying to herd him and sister to the truck; using his hungry Lamb Ruby waiting for her breakfast as motivation, he shot back with "and Granny and Gramps too". That was a total buzz kill as I had wanted to see his reaction with the surprise of seeing them. So, I did what any great parent would...and lied. I told him they were still on holiday, forgetting that the little observant bugger would notice Granny's vehicle back in the laneway and a light on in the kitchen, but non the less his reaction was still great!

The following day we went back, of course, just not so early. We took Jager for a swim, had a pony ride in the arena and went on a short walk through the woods, clearing the trails of debris as we went...all before lunch. Which was followed with spreading some manure on the vegetable garden and clearing up the branches from pruning the apple trees. The spring cleanup and summer prep makes for busy days on the farm. Over the last couple weeks I haven't been able to visit much at all, but I know that the pace has only quickened, and the momentum will grow. Staying in time with mother nature, to ensure the farm meets its full potential. All while carrying on the daily chores, cleaning up after a long winter, maintaining, improving, taking visitors for pony rides, cottage turnovers the list is seemingly endless. Until the snow once again falls, and it's time for a break.

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